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Glendale CC Dimentions of Public Speaking (Com225)

Author: connect4education

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Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Public Speak
CHAPTER 2: Topic Selection and Audience Analysis
CHAPTER 3: Controlling Nervousness
CHAPTER 4: Organizing Speeches and Creating Outlines
CHAPTER 5: Content and Visual Presentation Aids
CHAPTER 6: Delivery and Nonverbal Communication
CHAPTER 7: Storytelling and Narrative Speeches
CHAPTER 8: Informative Speeches
CHAPTER 9: Ethical Practices in Communication
CHAPTER 10: Persuasive Speeches
CHAPTER 11: The Use of Humor in Public Speaking
CHAPTER 12: Public Speaking in Workplace Organizations
CHAPTER 13: Public Speaking Scenarios in Crisis Management
CHAPTER 15: Special Types of Speeches

Dimensions of Public Speaking for Glendale CC features a complete and rigorous textbook online, public speaking text book and a comprehensive set of discipline specific learning tools, assignments, and assessments. Built into our fully supported platform, all course ware elements are integrated and easy-to-use .

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With a fresh new voice and a thorough, yet easy to comprehend text, Dimensions of Public Speaking introduces students to the discipline with an approach that is practical and context-based. This public speaking textbook features a comprehensive set of assignments and assessments using a technology-enhanced approach that is integrated and easy to use. Exceptional written content is augmented throughout with video (with Acclaim integration), audio, discussions, and much more.

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Provides a complete, interactive public speaking textbook for your online, face-to-face, or hybrid Intro to Public Speaking course

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Emphasizes the creation, organization, and delivery of speeches in diverse real-world contexts.

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A wealth of interactive, multimedia elements, fully integrated and easy to use.

Robust, discipline-specific instructional tools such as SpeechOutliner, MyJournal, and MyForms.

Pre-built, customizable, auto-graded quizzes, tests, assignments, and discussions topics.

A comprehensive Instructor’s Guide.