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OnMusic Fundamentals

OnMusic Fundamentals

Author: connect4education

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Table of Contents
Class 1: The Keyboard
Class 2: Note Name Recognition
Class 3: Naming Black Keys
Class 4: Music Notation: The Staff I
Class 5: Music Notation: Staff II: Note Placement
Class 6: Music Notation: The Grand Staff
Class 7: SCALES
Class 8: The Major Scale
Class 9: Building Major Scales I
Class 10: Key Signatures I
Class 11: Building Major Scales and Key Signatures II
Class 12: Applying Key Signatures
Class 13: Circle of Fifths
Class 15: Rhythm and Meter
Class 16: Meter II: Simple Meter - Simple Duple Meter
Class 17: Rhythm Ear Training Practice Section I
Class 18: Rhythm Ear Training Practice Section II
Class 19: Intervals: Introduction
Class 20: Numerical Size
Class 21: Numerical Distance Rules
Class 22: Interval Quality
Class 23: The Minor Scale
Class 24: Minor Key Signatures
Class 25: The Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales
Class 26: Triads
Class 27: Minor, Augmented, and Diminished Triads
Class 28: Triad Inversions
Class 29: Dominant Seventh Chords
Class 30: FINAL EXAM

DOWNLOAD: OnMusic Fundamentals, 2nd ed. – Table of Contents

OnMusic Fundamentals works great as the textbook for a music elective for non-musicians or as a prerequisite to the music theory sequence for music majors. We also offer our OnMusic Fundamentals Music Placement Exam.

OnMusic Fundamentals offers a robust and integrated set of digital, online content and instructional tools designed to make learning accessible and enjoyable for your students. Our online music fundamentals textbook is designed to engage a broad spectrum of learners and learning styles.

OnMusic Fundamentals features a complete, rigorous textbook online, and a comprehensive set of discipline specific learning tools, assignments, and assessments. Built into our fully supported platform, all course elements are integrated and easy-to-use.

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OnMusic Fundamentals Features

A complete music fundamentals textbook with hundreds of interactive activities, exercises, musical examples, and auto-graded quizzes and tests

Linear course structure that maps the content to your specific course calendar and dates and proven to keep students on track and save you tons of work

Customizable content, quizzes, exams, grade weights, assignments, calendar, assessment timings, and more to fit your unique teaching style and needs

Exclusive integration with the widely used and comprehensive Online Music Dictionary – with definitions and pronunciations

Interactive scores and streaming audio that demonstrate musical concepts

Off-line content and music examples for use in your face-to-face classes -including print on-demand worksheets, exercises, and quizzes

Compatible with Auralia and Musition – the world’s leading software for theory and ear training programs

Exceptional and free in-house technical support to instructors and students

Numerous effective measures to address student cheating

Over ten years experience with college level music online. Thousands of instructors and tens of thousands of students have used our music titles. Their feedback guides our development as we constantly find solutions to problems facing professors (engagement, student succss rates, and retention, etc.)

OnMusic Fundamentals Placement Exam

For a small fee, incoming freshmen take the OnMusic Fundamentals Placement Exam that has been proven and tested to be a highly reliable measure of students’ current proficiency level in Music Fundamentals. Students who need additional help can enroll in OnMusic Fundamentals as a remedial course before the regular semester starts or as a regular offering during the semester.

OnMusic Fundamentals