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OnMusic of the World

OnMusic of the World 2nd Edition

Author: connect4education

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Table of Contents
Class 1: Music of Central Asia and the Caucasus
Class 2: Music of the Caucasus: Case Studies from Armenia and Georgia
Class 3: Music of South Asia: Indian Classical Music
Class 4: Indian Classical Music: Social Factors
Class 5: Exploring the Landscape of African Music
Class 6: African Instruments
Class 7: African Drum Language
Class 8: African Modern Popular Music
Class 9: The Music of the Caribbean Caribbean Counterpoint
Class 10: The Continental Counterpoint
Class 11: Rara in Haiti, Gaga in the Dominican Republic
Class 12: Music of Korea, Dance of Spirits
Class 13: Spirituality and Class Distinctions
Class 14: Genre, Context, and Style
Class 16: Music of Japan
Class 17: Japanese Instruments
Class 18: Japanese Theatre Genres & Ensemble Music
Class 19: Japanese Folk and Pop Music
Class 20: The Many Voices of Latin American Concert Music
Class 21: The Voice of the People
Class 22: In the Concert Hall
Class 23: Music in Native North America
Class 24: Musical Instruments of Native North America
Class 25: Pow-wows: Southern and Northern
Class 26: Jazz in America: The Sounds of Freedom
Class 27: Hipsters and Lindy-hoppers
Class 28: Fusion - Where Rock and Jazz Shake Hands
Class 29: Country Music Traditions in America
Class 31: Country Counterculture
Class 32: FINAL EXAM

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    OnMusic of the World takes students on an exciting journey, discovering musical cultures of the world. The text contains music from Africa, the Caribbean, North America, Latin America, South Asia, Korea, Central Asia, Indonesia, Japan, and China. This course includes engaging material with highly interactive maps, 10 listening guides, 45 music examples, 22 original performance videos, and links to YouTube videos.

    Whether you teach an online, face-to-face or a hybrid course, OnMusic of the World offers an easy-to-use, turn-key solution as the world music textbook for your course. The course has seamless integration of text, music, and testing – designed for maximum instructor efficiency and best possible student experience.

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    Music Selections – With an extensive selection of music, every lesson in this course contains streaming music.

    Discover Video – Videos in every chapter reinforce student understanding and engagement. Our video applet keeps students on the page and on task.

    Interactive Period Maps – Complete sets of maps cover each region of the world as they are discussed and include music examples.

    Written Assignments – Six optional written assignments are included in OnMusic of the World.

    AssessmentsOnMusic of the World includes automatically graded quizzes at the end of each region, along with a midterm and final exam, all of which can be used as is or customized to fit your needs.

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