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Dimensions of Public Speaking

Author: Shane Gunderson

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Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Public Speaking
CHAPTER 2: Topic Selection and Audience Analysis
CHAPTER 3: Controlling Nervousness
CHAPTER 4: Organizing Speeches and Creating Outlines
CHAPTER 5: Content and Visual Presentation Aids
CHAPTER 6: Delivery and Nonverbal Communication
CHAPTER 7: Storytelling and Narrative Speeches
CHAPTER 8: Informative Speeches
CHAPTER 9: Ethical Practices in Communication
CHAPTER 10: Persuasive Speeches
CHAPTER 11: The Use of Humor in Public Speaking
CHAPTER 12: Public Speaking in Workplace Organizations
CHAPTER 13: Public Speaking Scenarios in Crisis Management
CHAPTER 14: Public Speaking for Politics and Community Engagement
CHAPTER 15: Special Types of Speeches

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Dr. Shane Gunderson currently teaches Public Speaking at three colleges and universities. In the last eight years, he has taught more than 100 course sections using face-to-face, blended, and online teaching modalities, Angel, Blackboard, ecollege, WebCT learning management systems, and Pearson’s online homework, tutorial & assessment systems. He is currently a part-time professor at Miami-Dade College, DeVry University, and Florida International University in Miami, Florida. He has taught courses in Career Development, Federal Government, Public Speaking, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Political Communication, Social Environment, and Fundamentals of Speech. He has specialized faculty training in developing Global Learning courses.

His strong social science research background in communication and sociology promotes academic rigor and practical orientation toward mentoring and training students in addressing issues of strategic communication, humanitarian action, societal change, justice, and governing in theory and praxis. He earned his Master of Public Administration and Ph.D. in Comparative Studies at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. He has published two book chapters, six journal articles and has presented his research at thirteen national conferences and at one international conference in Budapest. His article, “Protest Actions, Image Events, and the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham,” was published in the American Communication Journal.

Dr. Gunderson’s professional experience outside of an educational setting, in the court system for 23 years, is well-suited for integrating students with case studies to understand that effective communication skills can assist communities. As the author and subject-matter expert for Dimensions of Public Speaking: Connecting with the Audience he emphasizes enabling students to develop speeches closely related to their career goals. His credentials speak toward his engagement with the community. In 1995 and 1997, as a President Clinton appointee to the Presidential Rank Awards Review Board, Dr. Gunderson evaluated federal executives for outstanding contributions to the management of government’s programs. He devotes the same intensity to the welfare of the community as he does to his professional life. In 2006, he was honored by the United Way because he formed a hard working volunteer group called the Providing Basic Needs and Increasing Self Sufficiency Impact Team which created a model that will improve community conditions.

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