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OnMusic Jazz

OnMusic Jazz, Second Edition

Author: Stephen Hopkins

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Table of Contents
Section 1: Fundamentals of Music and Jazz Foundations
Section 2: Essential Features of Jazz and The Blues
Section 3: Basic Features and Origins of Jazz
Section 4: Early Jazz to the Emergence of Swing
Section 5: Jazz in the 30s and the Musicians Who Shaped It
Section 6: Swing in Chicago, New York, and Kansas City
Section 7: The Advent of Modern Jazz
Section 8: Cool Jazz
Section 9: Hard Bop
Section 10: Jazz in the Late 50s and Early 60s
Section 11: Avant-garde and Free Jazz Musicians
Section 12: Jazz Fusion
Section 13: Modernism, Postmodernism, and Neo-classicism in Jazz
Section 14: Latin Jazz, Globalization of Jazz, and Other Recent Trends

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OnMusic Jazz offers students a listening-based approach to the development of America’s unique art form. The course includes a comprehensive overview of the main repertoire with performers placed in their historical and cultural context through numerous musical selections and videos.

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OnMusic Jazz has it all: an exceptional author with a fresh perspective, a richly interactive online approach from concept to release, and the service of a small, but innovative publisher with an impeccable record of instructor and student satisfaction. Whether you teach online, in a traditional classroom, or in a hybrid/blended environment, make OnMusic Jazz your textbook for your introductory Jazz course. Review today for adoption tomorrow!

Whether you teach an online, face to face, or a hybrid course, OnMusic Jazz offers an easy-to-use, turn-key solution for your course. The course has seamless integration of text, music, and testing – designed for maximum instructor efficiency and best possible student experience.

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Music theorist, composer, and performer Stephen Hopkins is a member of the graduate faculty in music theory at Pennsylvania State University. Prior to his arrival at Penn State in 2003, Hopkins served for six years as music director at North Florida Community College. He holds masters and doctoral degrees in music theory from Florida State University, where he was awarded a University Fellowship for his graduate studies. His undergraduate degree is from the College of William and Mary.

Hopkins is a founding member of the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic. His research interests include the music of Scriabin and Messiaen, as well as jazz and film music. In the School of Music, Hopkins serves as coordinator of online general education, and has authored three online music courses. With his extensive experience in online education, Hopkins has contributed several articles on the subject, and has been an invited presenter at conferences of the Association for Technology in Music Instruction (ATMI) and the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

Hopkins’ compositions have been performed by soloists and ensembles in Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, California, and Hawaii. At Penn State, notable performances of Hopkins’ works include his anthem titled And the Glory of the Lord Filled the Temple,” performed by the University Choir, and the song, Sail Away, performed by the Essence of Joy. His instrumental duet Night Vision, for oboe and piano, was commissioned by oboe faculty member Timothy Hurtz, and the composer joined him at the piano for the premier performance.

A complete course featuring online integrated text, more full-length music selections than any other Jazz title, lesson objectives for every section, interactive learning modules, assessments, self-study tools, auto-graded quizzes and exams, discussion topics, and administrative tools

A Basics of Music chapter covering scales, pitches, rhythm, and meter

Over 175 pieces of music, the most extensive selection of streaming music for this course in higher education

150 of the greatest Jazz artists profiled: their music, their lives, and their world

Multimedia and interactive content: key word and concept activities, flash cards, test yourself, discover video, and more

Fully customizable content allows instructors to create their own individual approach to the content and share their unique jazz experience with their students

Unmatched instructor and student support, free-of-charge for all administrative and set up functions

Music Selections – With over 175 pieces of music (all complete and no excerpts), every chapter in this title streams a number of complete pieces from the repertoire. Click here to see a list.

Discover Video – Videos in every chapter reinforce student understanding and engagement. Our video applet keeps students on the page and on task.

Listening Guides – Listening guides help students explore the inner workings of a piece of music. Our listening guides examine structure, text, texture, instrumentation, style, and more.

Witness to Jazz – Short profiles of composers and key players of the period include interesting facts and personal stories of the most significant Jazz personalities.

Written Assignments – Three optional written assignments are included in OnMusic Jazz.

Assessments – OnMusic Jazz includes short assessments at the end of each topic, along with a midterm and final exam, all of which can be used as is or customized to fit your needs.

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