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OnMusic Theory I

OnMusic Theory I

Author: connect4education

$69.95 - SRP

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Table of Contents
Module 1: Notation, Staff, and Clefs
Module 2: Rhythm and Meter
Module 3: Scales and Modes
Module 4: Key Signatures
Module 5: Intervals
Module 6: Transposition
Module 7: Triads, Chords, and Roman Numerals
Midterm Exam
Module 8: Harmonic analysis, Progressions, and Seventh Chords
Module 9: Cadences
Module 10: Non-Harmonic Tones
Module 11: Motives and Phrases
Module 12: Periods
Module 13: Texture
Module 14: Four-Part Chorales and Part Writing Principles
Module 15: Four-Part Chorales and Voice-Leading Applications
Final Exam
DOWNLOAD: OnMusic Theory 1 – Table of Contents

Music Theory I introduces all the necessary topics and practice opportunities that lay down a solid foundation of written and aural skills for first-year students.
A carefully designed but flexible learning sequence allows students to progress at their own pace through clear, approachable explanations, scores from multiple historical periods, and hundreds of relevant music, video, graphics, and interactive animations. Along the way, they can monitor their own progress through self-evaluation exercises.

Academically rigorous, yet accessible and engaging, OnMusic Theory I is a complete music textbook, and gives you the most music for your online, hybrid, or face-to-face music course. Everything you need for your course is included. No downloads or extra resources necessary.
Music – Contains over 400 complete pieces – streaming right out of the pages. No other textbook (at any price) includes more music, and no other publisher has better implementation.
Highly Engaging and Interactive – Your students can actively interact with approximately 100 dictation and written skills practice knowledge checks. Additionally, students have access to multiple interactive practice exercises.
Online Music Dictionary – Only OnMusic titles offer integrated access to the Online Music Dictionary. This rich resource and C4E exclusive provides definitions, pronunciations, images, audio and much more.
Introduction Videos – Videos in every chapter reinforce student understanding and engagement. Our video applet keeps students on the page and on task.
Tests & Quizzes – Our online music appreciation textbook contains a comprehensive set of auto-graded quizzes and tests with test banks and anti-cheating measures built in. All testing is fully integrated and flows naturally from the text.

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OnMusic Theory I