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Psychology: An Introduction

Author: Openstax

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Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Psychology
CHAPTER 2: Psychological Research
CHAPTER 3: Biopsychology
CHAPTER 4: States of Consciousness
CHAPTER 5: Sensation and Perception
CHAPTER 6: Learn
CHAPTER 7: Thinking and Intelligence
CHAPTER 8: Memory
CHAPTER 9: Lifespan Development
CHAPTER 10: Emotion and Motivation
CHAPTER 11: Personality
CHAPTER 12: Social Psychology
CHAPTER 13: Industrial-Organizational Psychology
CHAPTER 14: Stress, Lifestyle, and Health
CHAPTER 15: Psychological Disorders
CHAPTER 16: Therapy and Treatment

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Psychology: An Introduction presents a comprehensive introduction to the discipline.

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Senior Contributor: Rose M. Spielman, PhD

Dr. Rose Spielman has been teaching psychology and working as a licensed clinical psychologist for 20 years. Her academic career has included positions at Quinnipiac University, Housatonic Community College, and Goodwin College. As a licensed clinical psychologist, educator, and volunteer director, Rose is able to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and facilitate treatment, advocacy, and education. In her years of work as a teacher, therapist, and administrator, she has helped thousands of students and clients and taught them to advocate for themselves and move their lives forward to become more productive citizens and family members.


Kathryn Dumper, Bainbridge State College

William Jenkins, Mercer University

Arlene Lacombe, Saint Joseph’s University

Marilyn Lovett, Livingstone College

Marion Perlmutter, University of Michigan

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