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Writing for Success in College and Beyond

Author: Denise Comer

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Table of Contents
CHAPTER 01: The Writing Process
CHAPTER 02: In-Depth Reading and Critical Review
CHAPTER 03: The Social Nature of Writing: Citing the Work of Others & Providing and Receiving Feedback
CHAPTER 04: Revising and Editing
CHAPTER 05: Working with Visual Texts
CHAPTER 06: Developing Effective Claims, Building Paragraphs, and Integrating and Citing Visual Components in Writing
CHAPTER 07: Considering Audience
CHAPTER 08: Discovering Potential Argument Topics and Research Questions
CHAPTER 09: Conducting Research
CHAPTER 10: Developing and Structuring an Argument
CHAPTER 11: Convincing Your Readers: Ethos, Pathos, Logos, and Kairos
CHAPTER 12: Reaching More Readers: Public Writing
CHAPTER 13: Polishing Your Prose: Style, Tone, Voice & Grammar
CHAPTER 14: Verbal Arguments and Presentations
CHAPTER 15: Cultivating Writing Transfer: Reflecting and Looking Forward

DOWNLOAD: Writing for Success in College and Beyond – Table of Contents

Writing for Success in College and Beyond is a dynamic and practical English Composition textbook; an introduction to the art and discipline of written expression. Students will learn how to read critically, conduct research, develop arguments, integrate and cite evidence, draft and revise writing, and craft powerful prose. This innovative new title creates a writing lab environment and includes an integrated toolset for idea generation, drafting, revisions, peer review, finishing, and instructor feedback.

Our English Composition textbook is a highly interactive writing workshop structured around four major writing projects and focusing on six broad thematic areas. Engaged with and inspired by their selected source material, students learn to pose questions, interact with the works of others, and build arguments. Each writing project contains smaller, sequenced components that are categorized into phases that will extend across chapters. The approach emphasizes practice and participation and is based on the author’s experience running the undergraduate writing lab at Duke University.

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Dr. Denise Comer, Associate Professor of the Practice of Writing Studies and Director of First-Year Writing at Duke University, has over fifteen years of experience teaching first-year writing students the strategies, confidence, and skills they need to be successful writers in and beyond the academy. Her leadership, collaboration, and innovation designing first-year writing courses and training first-year writing faculty have helped earn Duke University’s Thompson Writing Program national recognition with the 2006 CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence and the 2012 U.S. News & World Report, which commended Duke for “making the writing process a priority at all levels of instruction and across the curriculum”.

Provides a complete, interactive English Composition Textbook for your online, face-to-face, or hybrid Intro to English Composition course

Delivers an easy to use, turn-key solution – we do all the hosting, setup, and support

Emphasizes writing in practice and across disciplines

Incorporates Acclaim, a powerful, web-based tool for document and content sharing, annotating and collaborating

Highly effective project-oriented writing lab/workshop format


  • My Writing Companion: robust, discipline-specific tools such as idea generation, visual and textual outlining, drafting, peer review and finishing
  • A wealth of interactive, multimedia elements right on the page
  • Additional writing tools: My Quickwrites and My Outliner
  • A comprehensive Instructor’s Guide