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Applied Music Platform Access

Applied Music Platform Access

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Table of Contents
Course Overview
Module 2. Introduction
Module 3. Introduction
Module 4. Introduction
Module 5. Introduction
Module 6. Introduction
Module 7. Introduction
Module 8. Introduction
Module 9. Introduction
Module 10. Introduction
Module 11. Periods
Module 12. Introduction
Module 13. Introduction
Module 14. Introduction
Module 15. Introduction

Applied Music helps students master their chosen instrument or voice, meeting curriculum needs for music majors. Develop skills and techniques through online resources, including one-on-one mentor sessions (access fees apply). The access fee covers tools like online peer reviews, a practice video library, an online final jury, and more. For details, visit the “Platform Resources” tab.

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• Meets California Standards for Applied Music.
• Aligns with the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) guidelines.
• Follows the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) guidelines.

Academically rigorous, yet accessible and engaging, Applied Music is a comprehensive, engaging instructional resource for online, hybrid, or in-person music courses. Applied Music is a comprehensive platform where you will find everything you need for effective instrumental online teaching.

Video Library: Access preloaded music videos for various instruments to aid focused practice and musical growth.

eClipz: Upload or record solos for peer feedback, with comments on specific time stamps.

C4EStudio: Sequential study with ABRSM repertoire materials, supported by mentors, with clear progress goals and evaluation. C4EStudio features minimal latency and optimal sound quality.

C4EAudition – Submit final performances for meticulous rubric-based expert evaluation, personalized feedback, and documented progress as you reach new levels in your musical journey

Applied Music I Platform Access
ISBN: 979-8-9866023-5-6