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Applied Music Practicum

Applied Music Practicum

Author: Connect For Education

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Table of Contents
Course Overview
Module 2. Introduction
Module 3. Introduction
Module 4. Introduction
Module 5. Introduction
Module 6. Introduction
Module 7. Introduction
Module 8. Introduction
Module 9. Introduction
Module 10. Introduction
Module 11. Periods
Module 12. Introduction
Module 13. Introduction
Module 14. Introduction
Module 15. Introduction

Applied Music is designed to help students study the instrument of their choice, support a major (if that is their goal), and continue pursuing a passion for music. Students will develop skills and learn techniques to improve their performance as a vocalist or instrumentalist. Applied Music lets students learn on their own schedule through a collection of leveled repertoire, technical exercises, and discipline-specific materials. Included are one-one online sessions with a choice of experienced mentors in the student’s discipline.

The curriculum for Applied Music is approved for college credit in the music major sequence and as a course for non-music majors. Students take an initial level placement evaluation and are instructed to practice based on the level they are placed in. Each level contains online coaching, tools, practice sessions, resources, and instructions on how to level-up.

Academically rigorous, yet accessible and engaging, Applied Music Practicum is a complete music textbook, and gives you the most music for your online, hybrid, or face-to-face applied experience. Everything you need for your course is included. No downloads or extra resources necessary.

A comprehensive online mentorship portal with unique technology that enables players to play synchronously with very low latency.
Check out our library of videos and preloaded practice sessions designed by our team of experts to help students achieve their goals as a musician.

C4EStudio: All mentors sessions are online and include sessions with an instrument. The sessions are designed to help students improve on specific skills based on the level they are placed in. Additionally, the focused practice sessions offer topic specific sessions, comprehensive sessions, and warm-up and technique exercises.

Each week there are discussion groups, practice exercises, reading materials and interactive exercises. The semester includes four peer review recordings and a final Jury project assessed by an expert mentor in the instrument of choice.

Custom Syllabi – Create a custom syllabus for your course or courses. Include topics and activities which support your curriculum and exclude those that don’t. Within each topic, you control the question types and specifics of each activity at every level. No other music software affords this degree of granular customization.

Multiple Classes and Courses – Like the syllabi customization above, you can also set up separate classes and/or courses. Use this feature to set up and manage multiple sections through all levels of music theory and ear training coursework.

Results & Reports – Includes a robust and comprehensive set of tracking and reporting tools.

Cloud Convenience – Cloud editions are perfect for educational use. Students purchase, install, and do their work in Auralia/Musition on their personal computers. Grades, results, and progress are uploaded to a database accessible by instructors. Additionally, instructors can set up customized tests, levels, and syllabi, then push those settings to students working remotely on their own.

1. Demonstrate individual musical skills commensurate with National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) guidelines

Applied Music Practicum

ISBN: 979-8-9866023-5-6