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OnMusic Rock

OnMusic Rock Third Edition
OnMusic Rock Third Edition

OnMusic Rock 3rd Edition

Author: connect4education

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Table of Contents
Lesson 1: Ragtime, Popular Song, and the Jazz Roots of Rock
Lesson 2: Rural Blues and Urban Blues
Lesson 3: Other African American Roots of Rock
Lesson 4: Hillbilly and Country and Western Music
Lesson 5: Rhythm and Blues Becomes Rock and Roll
Lesson 6: Elvis Presley
Lesson 7: Rockabilly
Lesson 8: Teen-Styled Rock Music in the Early 1960s
Lesson 9: The Record Producer and the Rise of Surf Rock
Lesson 10: Soul
Lesson 11: The British Invasion: The Beatles
Lesson 12: The British Invasion: The Rolling Stones
Lesson 13: The British Invasion Continues
Lesson 14: American Reactions to the British Invasions
Lesson 15: Folk and Folk Rock
Lesson 16: Psychedelic Rock
Lesson 17: Psychedelic Rock in the Late 1960s
Lesson 18: Psychedelic Trends in the Late 1960s
Lesson 19: Monterey, Woodstock, and Altamont
Lesson 20: Midterm Exam
Lesson 21: Country Rock and Southern Rock
Lesson 22: Prog Rock
Lesson 23: Prog Rock Continues
Lesson 24: Fusion
Lesson 25: Hard Rock
Lesson 26: Heavy Metal in the 1970s
Lesson 27: Glam Rock
Lesson 28: The Roots of Punk
Lesson 29: British Punk
Lesson 30: From Soul to Funk
Lesson 31: Disco
Lesson 32: New Wave
Lesson 33: MTV
Lesson 34: Heavy Metal in the 1980s
Lesson 35: Hip-Hop
Lesson 36: Keepers of Tradition
Lesson 37: The Rise of Alternative Rock
Lesson 38: Alternative and Metal in the 1990s
Lesson 39: Hybrids and Genres Without Definition
Lesson 40 - New Modes of Consumption
Lesson 41 - 21st Century Directions in Rock
Lesson 42 - The Presence of the Past
Lesson 43: Final Exam

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OnMusic Rock Third Edition is designed to help students develop an understanding of both the musical and cultural roots of Rock music. Covering everything from rock origins to today, the focus of OnMusic Rock Third Edition is on listening and comprehension. Rock music is explored in its historical context but also experienced from a purely musical perspective. Encompassing text, music, listening guides, videos, assessment, discussions, administrative tools, and more, OnMusic Rock Third Edition is the best choice for your online, hybrid or face-to-face course.

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Music Selections – Music is the focus of this title, and there are over 600 streaming songs from pre-rock origins to today.

Listen to Lecture – Text is narrated for online listening or downloadable for offline playback.

Discover Video – Videos in every chapter reinforce understanding and engagement while exposing students to original artists in historical context. Our video applet keeps students on the page in the course and on task.

Listening Guides – Listening guides help students explore the inner workings of a piece of music. Our listening guides examine structure, text, texture, instrumentation, style and more.

Test / Quizzes / Assignments / Discussions – Our title contains a comprehensive set of auto-graded quizzes and tests. There are also ready-to-use written assignments and discussion forums topics. All testing is fully integrated and flows naturally from the text.

CustomizationOnMusic Rock Third Edition is offered in our powerful, yet easy-to-use WebText platform. Instructors can add, remove, and edit content, assessment material, and assignments at will, or leave it as is for a great out of the box experience. Additional Features in every chapter

Lesson Overview and Lesson Objectives – Keeps students focused

Test Yourself – Instant feedback to students

Artist Profiles – Information on performers, writers, and other important artists

Flash Cards – Interactive self study tool

Self Quizzes – Drag and drop key words and concepts

Comprehensive Instructor Guide – For the busy or first time instructor

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