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OnAfrican American Music

OnAfrican American Music

Author: Connect4Education

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Table of Contents
Unit 1: African American Roots (1600-1770)
Unit 2: American Revolution - Emancipation (1770-1870)
Unit 3: Post-Slavery America (1865-1900)
Midterm Exam
Unit 4: Early 20th Century (1900-1930s)
Unit 5: WWII - Civil Rights Movement (1940s-1960s)
Unit 6: Post-Civil Rights to the New Millennium (1970s-2000)
Unit 7: New Millennium to Present (2001-Present)
Final Exam

OnAfrican American Music explores African American music traditions and cultural values reflected in its multiple genres, plus the unique contributions of many notable figures throughout its history.

The goal of the course is to expand students’ awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of the glory and variety of African American music and the far-reaching contributions of its most salient exponents.

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Lesson 1.02: General Characteristics of African American Music

Lesson 7.07: Railroad Work Songs (Continued)

Lesson 11.15: Spiritual Art Songs: Harry Thacker Burleigh (Continued)

Music – Music is the focus of this title. Every lesson in this course contains streaming music.   

Discover Video – Videos in every chapter reinforce understanding and engagement while exposing students to original artists in historical context. Our video applet keeps students on the page, in the course, and on task. 

Listening Guides – Listening guides help students explore the inner workings of a piece of music. Our listening guides examine structure, text, texture, instrumentation, style and more. 

Interactive Timeline – The interactive timeline allows students to quickly navigate to a period and date to determine main events 

Quizzes / Assignments – Our title contains a comprehensive set of auto-graded quizzes. There is a quiz after every lesson and an assignment after every unit. There is also a mid-term and final exam. All testing is fully integrated and flows naturally from the text. 

Customization – Instructors can add, remove, and edit content, assessment material, and assignments at will or leave it as is for a great out of the box experience. 

Comprehensive Instructor Guide – For busy instructors that want additional resources and assignments. 

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